Reef Rocks is the original supplier of 100% professionally cleaned aragonite based reef rock originating from Florida. We supply public  aquariums, major distributors, aquaculture farms, dozens of online retailers, mom and pop retail shops and now the general public. The rock is hand selected from an inland quarry located in the state of Florida. Each piece is thoroughly cleaned by our experienced staff before they are sorted by size and type. Whether you have a pico tank, or a 200,000 gallon shark display we have pieces suitable for your tank. We will always have thousands of pounds on hand to choose from, so you can rest assured the perfect rock for your aquarium is in stock.

Due to an issue with our sand supplier, our sand is currently unavailable.  We are trying to obtain sand from another source.  We are still taking orders for our sand, but it will not ship until we receive it from our supplier. 

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